Catalina Barahona

"As a journalism and social communications major, I have honed my skills in communication and creativity. I have learned how to effectively communicate information through various media, including writing, video, audio, and social media.

I understand the role of media in society and how it can bring about positive change. With my ability to analyze and interpret information, I am able to present it in an accessible and engaging way to a variety of audiences. I am equipped to pursue a career in journalism, public relations, marketing, advertising, or social media management".

Educational Background

B.A Journalism
Viña del Mar University, Chile
Year of Graduation: 2021

B.A Social Communication
Viña del Mar University, Chile
Year of Graduation: 2020



EFSET English Certificate 75/100 - C2 (2019)

Yonsei University First Step Korean vía Coursera (2020)

Mandarin Chinese
Limited user
Hanban Confucius Institute HSK Level I (HSK 1 级) (2016)



Influencer Marketing Strategy
Rutgers the State University of New Jersey (2023)

Conduct UX Research and Test Early Concepts
Google (2023)

Creative Writing: Specialization
Wesleyan University (2023)

Human Rights in the 21st Century
Whetu (2022)

Use Canva to create social media marketing designs Coursera (2020)

Use of Google Forms to Analyze User Research Data
Coursera (2020)

Chinese for Beginners
Pekín University (2020)

First Step Korean
Yonsei University (2020)

Feature Articles

LUXUS LEGENS on : "Prepare to elevate your fashion game with the latest offering from one of my favourites, @ambush_official in their Spring Summer 2023 Collection. This luxury brand has outdone itsel

Prepare to elevate your fashion game with the latest offering from one of my favourites, @ambush_official in their Spring Summer 2023 Collection. This luxury brand has outdone itself with this bold and daring collection that features avant-garde designs, fashion-forward styles and a refreshing combination of 90s with chunky boots and avatar-like futuristic vibes. According to Yoon (@yoon_ambush ), the creative director of the brand, the collection is "ready for a rave", which is one of the reasons why I eagerly anticipate every new season from this brand.

As a fashion enthusiast, I am thrilled to say that I have already put together my favourite looks from this season, and the AMBUSH Spring Summer 2023 Collection features heavily. The bold colours and statement-making accessories are guaranteed to turn heads and add an element of luxury to any wardrobe. Whether you're looking to make a splash at a special event or simply add a touch of uniqueness to your everyday attire, this collection has got you covered. Personally, I hope to get the Teddy beanie next time if I am lucky!

From chic dresses to eye-catching accessories, this collection boasts an impressive range of options that cater to all tastes and preferences. I love how the designs strike a perfect balance between experimental and edgy modernity, which is one of my favourite combinations.

As always, we have attached the link to the coverage of the AMBUSH Spring Summer 2023 Collection by VogueRunway on our profile. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new collection as we bring you the latest coverage from the fashion world. Be sure to follow us for all the latest on luxury fashion trends and styles.

Photo credits: courtesy of AMBUSH vía @voguerunway

LUXUS LEGENS on : "Braids have been an evergreen trend that we have always cherished"

Braids have been a popular hairstyle for centuries and are still a trendy choice today. Many different braid styles are available, from fairy-like to French styles, that cater to every hair type, face shape, and fashion style. Braids are versatile and can be worn for any occasion, from casual to formal. Adding accessories like ribbons, pins, and hair clips to braids has given us even more room to play and experiment with our hairstyles. K-pop sensation Jennie Kim, known as Jensetter, has popularized hair clips and has been experimenting with braids at fashion shows, concerts, and events. Braids are expected to be a popular choice for this spring and summer season, and people are excited to try out different styles, from messy to sleek braids, and incorporate accessories to create unique fashion styles.


Louis Vuitton debuted their women's pre-fall show by Nicolas Ghesquière at Jamsugyo Bridge around the Han River in Seoul, Korea. Actress and model Jung Hoyeon opened the show with a strong catwalk, as expected from the Louis Vuitton brand ambassador. Hwang Dong-hyuk, the praised director of Squid Game, served as creative advisor for the event. The collection featured dozens of models, showcasing a total of 46 brilliant looks. We've put together our favorite looks from the show. You can check out the entire collection in a Vogue Runway article by Monika Kim, linked in our story.

Social Media Copywriting


Fake News on Social Media:

In 2020, I conducted research on the prevalence of fake news related to COVID-19 on Instagram. The study aimed to identify patterns in the spread of misinformation and to explore the potential impact of this misinformation on public health. Through the use of data analysis and content analysis, I was able to gain insight into the ways in which fake news spreads on social media and its potential impact on public health.

Fernanda Maciel Murder Case:

Back in 2021, I conducted a content analysis of the coverage of the Fernanda Maciel murder case in Chile by two major television stations. I analyzed how the media used information and narrative to cover the case from start to finish. By studying this mediatic case, I gained insights into the ways in which the media frames and presents information to the public on high-profile criminal cases.

Social Media Manager Experience

I have worked as a freelance content creator, producing content for various clients. I have extensive experience shaping content to fit a brand's voice and messaging. Additionally, I have two years of experience in customer service for small and large businesses, where I learned that effective communication is key to resolving customer issues. With strong communication skills, I can engage with my audience and build a community around my brand.

As a social communicator, I analyse audience preferences, identify trends, and design effective communication campaigns, such as social media and market research studies. I utilize data analysis to adjust strategy and create effective campaigns that engage audiences and drive growth, with expertise in social media analytics.

I also have experience in creating video and photography content and can design and post-produce it using tools such as Adobe (Pr, Lr, Ai, Id), Final Cut, Davinci Resolve, and Canva.

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